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Each day at twilight, ships with white sails would enter the bay, carrying all kinds of magical stories from across the seven seas. As the last light of the day disappears behind the horizon, the Little Lighthouse would lit its fire to guide the vessels back to shore safe and sound.

The Little Lighthouse's keeper, a little boy born at twilight, would then come down to the docks to greet the ships to hear first hand all the wonderful stories the sailors would tell by the bonfire. 

Once the fire turned to golden ambers and all the stories have been told, the Lighthouse Keeper would return to his lighthouse and paint all the stories he's heard with his magic paintbrush on the inner walls of the Little Lighthouse.

Once painted, each night those paintings will come to live in colourful lights, retelling the stories over and over again so the world would always remember

Little Lighthouse World


Everything has a story to tell

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