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30 Days Chart Challenge is a project I initiated to upskill and practice thinking out of the box for my design team at my previous presentation design agency I worked at. Being presentation designers who deal with the challenge of visualising various form of data on a daily basis, this training project aims to break through the automated mode of designing graphs and charts in the same way that we always do.


The story

"can you make this graph more interesting?" - Client, literally every day -
In a presentation design agency, we hear that request every single day. Data such as numbers and charts for some reason gives presenter reassurance, a feeling that their talking points are being backed up and legitimate, and yet, they also know they are not the most interesting nor the most engaging thing to look at on a big screen. So every day, designer colleagues would be pulling their hairs trying to make a 12 months revenue growth of a bank looking as interesting as the famous Mona Lisa.
"can you make this graph more interesting?" - Client, literally every day -
One hour each day, for a whole month, I challenge myself and my team to pick random data from the internet, any ordinary-looking chart or graph and attempt to turn it into the most creative version it can be. The common ground of the various final designs is that the visuals need to clearly indicate what the overall topic of the data is about, in just one quick look. 


the idea

challenge results
Snapshots of the project summary
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