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This project aims to create a visual identity that represents an environmentally ethical diamond business while maintaining a sense of luxury and quality. The key company image to build is that just because the diamonds they produce are lab-grown instead of mined, it doesn't mean the diamonds lose its quality.


The story

a diamond that is grown instead of mined
Have you ever watched the movie Blood Diamond? The movie that arouses controversy behind the diamond industry, how the price to pay for mining diamonds from the lands of Africa were environmental destruction and violence. Diamonds From the Sky go beyond current standards to offer the most sustainable, ethical and beautiful diamonds.  Instead of minded, the diamonds are grown in a lab and are anatomically identical to the purest form of naturally occurring diamonds.
"can you make this graph more interesting?" - Client, literally every day -
Combining the company's name "Diamonds from the Sky" and its jargon "Our diamonds are grown above the ground". I came up with a concept of "Heaven and Earth". Where the sky meets the soil, a flash of light appears as the diamond is emerging above the ground. Elegant and earthy are the two impressions I was aiming to achieve in this visual identity project.


the idea

The founder of the company, Mana Ohori is a lovely Japanese woman who is proud of her heritage. Seeing this company is the child of her passion, I paid a tribute by embedding the Japanese kanji letter "Sora" which means "Sky" at the heart of the logo, disguised as a a series of lines that shapes the diamond itself
The colour palette consists of two shades of colours that each represent two elements from the concept: the Heaven/Sky and the Earth/Soil. In addition, neutral colours such as black, white and grey are added as complimentary. The combination of blue and gold will maintain a sense of luxury while still looking earthy.
The target market for Diamonds from the Sky is relatively young and modern couples, looking for a certain degree of luxury and quality yet conscious about not spending excess money on it. I've chosen two typefaces that are tall with a hint of elegance and luxury that are not overpowering.
In order to appeal to a younger audience, I created a decorative graphic element that brings more youthful energy to the brand. Additionally, I added a texture overlay that can be used over The Ray or other surfaces to bring a more earthy and friendly tone to the brand's visuals.
From the business card to the infographic, the visual design of the promotional materials is highly visual.  I use the infographic approach to present various information on the ethics and sciences behind the Diamonds from the Sky, which are the key that differentiates the business to the rest of the diamond industry.
As part of the brand launch, I was also tasked to create a highly engaging company overview presentation. I created the presentation in PowerPoint which using high level of animation so that later on the presentation can be converted as a company introduction video as well.

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