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With a long history of traditions and strong culture, this visual identity project marries both the friendly and playful side of UNSW Outdoors Club with its hardcore adventurous side. Capturing the funny, spontaneous and easygoing personality of its members is the core inspiration of this visual identity.


The story

it's a mix of hardcore and fun
With a long history that dated over 50 years back, UNSW Outdoors Club is a place for hardcore yet fun-spirited people who constantly crave for an adventure. The members of the club are spontaneous, outgoing, funny and most of all, proud of their club. These are people with a tremendous amount of physical and mental energy, who bond together through hardship and funny moments they experience out in the wild.
"can you make this graph more interesting?" - Client, literally every day -
To represent the energetic, spontaneous and playful spirit of the people who loves nature, I wanted to create a visual identity that looks organic and natural with an exciting level of energy. I drew the idea of the visual identity from the existing logo of UNSWOC itself, which is a hand-drawn like drawing of two hikers on a mountain. From there, I used various quirky hand-drawn illustrations that give a sense of playfulness and spontaneity.


the idea

The colour palette consists of two main colours: a yellow that is inspired by the warm sunny weather which is essential for ideal outdoors activity and a green that is inspired by the colour of the forest. The third and more neutral colour of grey and white is inspired by the colour of rock and chalk, two elements that are inseparable to rock climbing.
The main typeface Lobster, is chosen because of its playful character. It's dynamic and energetic, making it suitable to represent the youthful spirit of UNSWOC members.
For illustration and iconography, I used a hand-drawn line style for two main reasons. First, it is an expansion of the UNSWOC's existing logo. Second, a hand drawing indicates spontaneity and the most humble form of a drawing, a trait I find suitable to represent the UNSWOC members; easy-going outdoor lovers who are happy to survive in the practical and simplicity of outdoorsmen lifestyle.
Taking into consideration the brand of the University of New South Wales and the Arc Sports Committee in which the UNSWOC lives under, I ensure that the promotional materials visually belong together as one family, representing the same spirit and energy
One of the many club's annual and proud tradition is changing the club t-shirt design annually. Using a line drawing style illustration, I created a series of quirky t-shirt design which then produced as the official club t-shirts.

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